Granite provides a unique, colorful and solid look for your kitchen, yet it's cost and machining techniques can be hard to overcome. When real granite isn't an option, and most other granite substitutes just won't cut it, GraniteLight is the best granite alternative you'll find, for more reasons than you can imagine.

The lightweight, solid surface granite replacement for all your applications, including boats, recreational vehicles, campers, households and many other areas is here.

When weight is a major factor in your application, such as recreational vehicles, campers, and boat & marine usage, we've got the solution. GraniteLight can weigh 40-60% less than some conventional countertop and solid surface systems, including laminated hardwood, granite, marble and Corian®. And you still get all the strength you'll need with a long-lasting, durable and easy to clean surface.

Durability is key for counter tops, and GraniteLight, used as counter top material, holds up like you won't believe. Strong, solid, resistant to 500 degrees, and it's even repairable in some cases. What other counter top surface can say that?

Not only is it reliable, it's easy to work with. Cutting, machining and processing is easier than solid rock materials. GraniteLight can even be joined with a totally seamless look if needed, for those special projects.