Lightweight Laminate Counter Top and Surface Materials  

  Laminated Tables and Tabletop Surfaces

LamaLight lightweight table

LamaLight tables and table tops are the perfect combination of strength, design and usability without the weight of conventional tables. No matter what type of table you need for a small area, our tables and table top materials will meet your needs. Durability is built in to the solid surface, and when you need to reduce weight and still keep strength, our high density core fits the bill. No other counter top system we know of is this lightweight yet strong.

LamaLight lightweight table with wood edging Our tables can replace your existing tables in RV's, boats and other areas. They are also waterproof, making them ideal for the RV outdoor kitchen trend. Available in various colors, and with a variety of edge types, our tables and table top systems can be used for dining, crafts, displays, gaming and outdoor usage.

Our lightweight table system features the following:

  • Resists water and mold.
  • Contains no formaldehyde.
  • Lightweight for ease of use, easy handling and fuel savings.
  • Versatile for many different applications.
  • Easy to cut, machine and work with.